Queen Improvement Field Day (2019)

Queen Improvement Field Day (2019)


In cooperation with the PA Queen Improvement Project and Burgh Bees, this two-part event will provide an outstanding educational opportunity and daughter queens reared from instrumentally inseminated queens of Purdue improved genetic stock (AKA: Leg Chewers).

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Burgh Bees Queen Improvement Field Day

In cooperation with the PA Queen Improvement Project, Burgh Bees has planned an event that will provide an educational opportunity and virgin queens reared from improved genetic stock exhibiting mite biting behaviors (AKA: Purdue Leg Chewers or Mite Maulers). Getting these improved genetics out to beekeepers will help the overall sustainability of beekeeping. Attendance is limited to the first 40 people to register.

The plan for the field day is to participate in educational sessions to learn to create and inspect queenless nucs, install the virgin queens, and how to manage the colony for winter survival.

Day One: OPTIONAL: Not mandatory attendance, but you have two chances to attend.

Option 1: Burgh Bees Queenless Nuc:
TIME: 11:00am -12:30pm
Burgh Bees Community Apiary
6900 block Susquehanna St
Pittsburgh, PA

Option 2: Fern Hollow Queenless Nuc:
DATE: MAY 21st
TIME: 6:30 PM
Fern Hollow Nature Center
1901 Glen Mitchell Rd
Sewickley, PA

Day One Schedule
Creating Queenless Nucs – Hands On Weather Permitting
Checking Queenless Nuc

Day Two: 8 June 2019; 8:45 AM – 12:30 PM

PA Queen Improvement Project Brief Overview
Installing Virgin Queens
Managing Nuc Build Up for Winter Survival
Program Feedback (optional participation)
Wrap Up Q&A
Virgin Queen Distribution

BURGH BEES Hosting at the Humane Animal Rescue, 6926 Hammond Ave, Pittsburgh, PA

Cost: $25 includes both days of education and 1 virgin queen.
For an additional $15, participants can receive a 2nd virgin queen. (Limit is 2 per participant)

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Number of Queens

1 Queen, 2 Queens