Beekeeping 201 Intermediate Beekeeping (April 11, 2020)

This classroom-based course offers  beekeepers a more extensive  approach to beekeeping.

Books for this class include (Bee Essentials, Increase Essentials, and Swarm Essentials (3-total books) With the purchase of the Honey of a Deal – 2 tickets for $195 you will receive ONE copy of each book to share with your partner. We also provide a package of important reference materials on critical topics.

The class will be held on: April 11, 2020 8:30am-4:00pm
There will be a short break for lunch. Please bring lunch with you.

Where: Humane Animal Rescue (Event Room) 6926 Hamilton Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15208

Honey of a Deal

Beekeeping 101, Beginning Beekeeping (March 14, 2020)

This VIRTUAL based course offers beginning beekeepers an introduction to honey bee biology and beekeeping basics. The course covers honey bee castes, races, pests & diseases, beekeeping equipment, and seasonal management necessary for a successful first year.

Included with the Course-Copy of “Honey Bee Biology and Beekeeping” A package of reference materials on critical topics, -An installation demonstration workshop in the spring and a 2021 (below description) -Burgh Bees Membership

The installation demonstration will show you how to install bees into a hive and how to inspect a hive. The demonstration will be held at the Burgh Bees Community Apiary (Homewood) and scheduled in the spring 2021 as conditions permits. Space is limited, So register today!

Cost Individual: $115 – Includes BK101 class, textbook, package of reference materials, install demo, and a 2021 Burgh Bees Membership.

Honey of a Deal: $195 – Includes 2 virtual seats in BK101 class, 1 textbook, 1 package of reference handouts, 2 spots at the install demo, and a 2021 family membership or 2 individual memberships.

Beekeeping 101 Trainings
Date:  June 26th –8:30am-4:30pm
Date:  July 24th  –8:30am-4:30pm

Location: Virtual ZOOM Video Conference

Instructor: Will include a variety of Burgh Bees Directors

Textbook: Honey Bee Biology and Beekeeping by Dewey Caron & Larry Connor Note:  A confirmation letter and directions will be mailed out once a registration with payment is received.

Exams: Brief quiz at the end of each session, graded in class by students.

Course Fee:  includes the textbook, which will be available for pick up before the class, at Human Animal Rescue located at 6926 Hamilton Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15208

Payment: To reserve your place in the class, please register online here or if you prefer send a check payable to Burgh Bees to the following address: Burgh Bees – Beekeeping 101 (2021)  P.O. Box 90008, Pittsburgh, PA 15224


Beekeeping 101